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I just had a chance to go look at the 2 pages you mentioned.

This page isn't set in a table, wasn't created with Front Page, has a whole
bunch of unused and unnecessary code in it, and even contains contradicting
formatting instructions.  This may be the reason some are having trouble
with it.  Also, part of the coding in the page is XML which is NOT supported
by older browsers and even some current browsers.

This page was created in Front Page, and in a table, and it is already coded
to display in a floating table.  Your viewers should have no trouble viewing
this page if they are using a newer version of IE.  Older browser versions
and browsers other than IE may see the page a bit differently than you see
it but it shouldn't affect the actual readability of the page.  For example,
most versions of Netscape will see no background on this page, but that
doesn't affect the ability to read the text.

As for the landscape problem you mentioned, I believe that is a user
attribute, unless you have specific instructions coded into your page which
I didn't notice.
As to why they have a scroll bar on the bottom, I can't say but I suspect it
may have to do with being an older browser.


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>I am the web master for my church, can someone tell me some things about
>If I build or edit a the web page and my screen resolutions are
>high, 1280 x
>Dose that affect the way you see or anyone else sees the web page, would it
>give you screen wrap?
>It looks great on mine.
>But several friends say the get the tool bar or scroll bar at the
>bottom and
>they only see half of the page.
>And it prints the same way.
>Any tips on how to fix this.
>I also put documents ( lessons ) on line to be down loaded and
>printed, they
>say it doesn't print but half a page,
>Landscape view.
>Is there something I am supposed to do so everyone is able to print the
>Here are the links I am talking about.
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