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  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 19:46:47 -0600

Hi Steve,
How anyone sees your page will depend on 2 factors, one being the size
limits you set your page to display at, and 2, the screen size of the
visitor.  Statistically speaking, the majority of people have a screen
resolution of 600 x 800 and professional sites are usually built with the
majority of users in mind.
Having not seen your page I can't say whether this is a viable option for
you but you might be able to use a floating width table for your page and
then the text will increase or decrease according to your viewer's settings.

Hope that helps,

>I am the web master for my church, can someone tell me some things about
>If I build or edit a the web page and my screen resolutions are
>high, 1280 x
>Dose that affect the way you see or anyone else sees the web page, would it
>give you screen wrap?
>It looks great on mine.
>But several friends say the get the tool bar or scroll bar at the
>bottom and
>they only see half of the page.
>And it prints the same way.
>Any tips on how to fix this.
>I also put documents ( lessons ) on line to be down loaded and
>printed, they
>say it doesn't print but half a page,
>Landscape view.
>Is there something I am supposed to do so everyone is able to print the
>Here are the links I am talking about.
>Steve Clark

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