[pcductape] Re: Was [Can anyone tell me what this means?] now - Security in Windows

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 20:26:07 +0200

You are on broadband , right? A lot of "evil-doers" on the internet look for
open computers on broadband rather than on dial-up. People on cable are in
most cases behind some sort of NAT belonging to the cable operators so they
are a tad safer.
What your firewall sees, and you should be happy that it does so, is when
those "evil-doers" are scanning and checking to find holes in whatever is at
that moment connected to the net.
They do this by running port-scanners - these are programs that send out
queries to a range of IP addresses, when they see a computer reply or when
the query bounces back - [most comps cannot diffrentiate between "good" or
"evil" queries and therefore do not "swallow" the query] , that is when the
scanner program starts to scan a range of ports on your IP address, looking
for a hole in your defenses. 
These incidents are very frequent on broadband and as long as your firewall
does what it is meant to do then you are okay.
Further questions are welcome.

TTFN - Vic

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Security in Windows

  Thank you for all of the information!  I'm going to save this email and
check out some of the links.  I'm using Ad-aware and Spybot (now) and will
check out Ad-aware Cloak.  I figured I probably needed the Critical Updates.
Only thing is, I installed them all at once. Hope I didn't cause any
problems by doing that.  So far, everything seems ok.  The Windows Updates
I'll have to check out.  Some of them I obviously don't need but some I'm
not sure of.  I'll check out the link for the next Service Pack. too.
Thanks for the info on spyware- I didn't realize how dangerous it actually
is!  I didn't forget you're a beta tester.  I always look for your replies
to problems and questions. I have an antivirus program and a firewall
running on my computer- both are Norton, which if I remember correctly, you
don't like. So far, they've been good to me. I use Norton Internet Security
and Norton Systemworks.  Lately, I've been getting a LOT of messages that
someone's trying to hack into the computer and Norton has blocked it. Can
that be because I didn't have the Critical Updates?  Thanks for explaining
the Buffer Overrun and Underrun.  I'll have to read that one over a couple
of times to make sure I got it straight.  As always, thank you for all of
your help!!! 

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