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  • Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 08:14:58 -0500

MessageHi Guys,

I need advice.   I have a windows xp system that cannot get rid of 
WIN32/MAGISTR.B virus.    Some weeks ago my system reported the virus 
WIN32/MAGISTR.B and I immediately ran AVG virus program and it cure the virus.  
 However, even though the virus is no longer on my system I keep getting notice 
when I reboot of a virus identified by AVG Resident Shield and that I should 
run AVG to remove it.    When I run AVG it reports no virus.
I have scaned my computer with all the free virus scan programs on the internet 

And I downloaded, installed and ran Protector Plus 2000 from 
http://www.protectorplus.com;  it found no virus.   I also conducted registry 
searches for WIN32/MAGISTR.B  and MAGISTR.B and and found none.   I did a 
search via regedit for A0017360.exe and it found one which I deleted.   That 
was a week ago.   I am still getting the message of "Virus identified" and I 
feel sure I do not have a virus.   I uninstalled AVG and reinstalled it and 
still get the message.

Any suggestions any one.


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