[pcductape] Virus Writer Hides Job Ad in MyDoom Net Worm

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Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:33:34 -0400
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Virus Writer Hides Job Ad in MyDoom Net Worm
Fri 10 Sep, 2004 15:08:20 GMT
By Bernhard Warner, European Internet Correspondent
LONDON (Reuters) - Times must be getting tough for computer virus =
Technicians at British anti-virus firm Sophos Plc said on Friday they =
had discovered a plea for work inserted deep in the lines of code for =
two new computer worm outbreaks, "MyDoom-U" and "MyDoom-V."
"We searching 4 work in AV (anti-virus) industry," read the message. =
Because it was inserted in the code, the message was only visible to =
anti-virus professionals.
While the calling card may have won the programmer points for =
creativity, the anti-virus community was not impressed.
"It's hard to tell if the creators of these new versions of the MyDoom =
worm are being serious, but there is no way that anybody in the =
anti-virus industry would touch them with a barge pole," said Graham =
Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos.
The latest MyDoom infections pack some power.
Spread via e-mail, MyDoom-U and MyDoom-V contain a file attachment that, =
when downloaded, infects a computer with a malicious "back door" that =
blocks access to most anti-virus Web sites and turns the computer into a =
spamming machine, sending out junk e-mails.
Sophos reported the latest MyDoom variants are not spreading rapidly -- =
a bad sign for the would-be job seekers.
"It's not surprising," Cluley said. "Many times virus writers are just =
poor programmers."


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