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Hi Matt,
First off, do you still have a Win98se boot floppy?  If so, use it to boot
her system and dig around in the D drive to see what is there.  It probably
contains all of her drivers and a copy of XP.  Look for \Windows and/or
\Setup.  You can format the C drive without harming the D drive then do a
thorough virus scan of the D to be sure.  Let us know how it goes...

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| Hi Guys & Gals - - -
| My son brought me his girlfriend's PC to "fix".  He considers me somewhat
| a Guru on PC's.  There was a time that I was.  I lived thru the DOS &
| 1.0 period up until DOS 7 & W98SE. Heck, in the 60's I was even a member
| the Standard's Group that developed the ASCII code. (Only then we called
| "pass-key" for Proposed American Standard Code for Information
Interchange) In the
| late 90's my growth was stunted since I had a perfectly good, (albeit
| PC that did everything I wanted it to do.  I never ran or examined a PC
| Windows XP. And that is what son's girlfriend is running on an HP
| 515N.
| Said girl cannot get her PC to access the Net. She had  the ISP reps talk
| thru several reinstalls of AOL and CS-2000 - - - but they all lock up half
| way thru the install.  She took the PC to a friend who ran "SysClean" on
it and
| told her she had over a dozen viruses on her machine and that his software
| could not clean all of the viruses.  He suggested reformatting the hard
disk and
| reloading XP.  And that is where I come in - - -as she pleaded with me to
| that task.
| I really don't know where to start - - -
| Her HP apparently has the hard drive partioned into a C and D but I'm not
| sure whether her D drive, (full of HP stuff) can be safely reformatted. So
| asking  for some advice in this matter.  For example: Does XP have an
| to FDISK and if it does, is there something special I should watch out
| She can't find an XP install disk, (is it buried in the D drive?) and, if
| can she use my son's XP cd to reload the Op System.  Etc, etc, etc.
| I'm sorry this is so long but I thought some background would be useful.
| if you can't help, perhaps you could direct me to a site which might guide
| thru the format and reinstall.
| Jupiter Matt

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