[pcductape] Virus Problems

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 04:33:14 EDT

Hi Guys & Gals - - -
My son brought me his girlfriend's PC to "fix".  He considers me somewhat of 
a Guru on PC's.  There was a time that I was.  I lived thru the DOS & Windows 
1.0 period up until DOS 7 & W98SE. Heck, in the 60's I was even a member of 
the Standard's Group that developed the ASCII code. (Only then we called it 
"pass-key" for Proposed American Standard Code for Information Interchange) In 
late 90's my growth was stunted since I had a perfectly good, (albeit slow) 
PC that did everything I wanted it to do.  I never ran or examined a PC running 
Windows XP. And that is what son's girlfriend is running on an HP Pavillion 
Said girl cannot get her PC to access the Net. She had  the ISP reps talk her 
thru several reinstalls of AOL and CS-2000 - - - but they all lock up half 
way thru the install.  She took the PC to a friend who ran "SysClean" on it and 
told her she had over a dozen viruses on her machine and that his software 
could not clean all of the viruses.  He suggested reformatting the hard disk 
reloading XP.  And that is where I come in - - -as she pleaded with me to do 
that task.
I really don't know where to start - - -
Her HP apparently has the hard drive partioned into a C and D but I'm not 
sure whether her D drive, (full of HP stuff) can be safely reformatted. So I'm 
asking  for some advice in this matter.  For example: Does XP have an 
to FDISK and if it does, is there something special I should watch out for?  
She can't find an XP install disk, (is it buried in the D drive?) and, if so, 
can she use my son's XP cd to reload the Op System.  Etc, etc, etc.
I'm sorry this is so long but I thought some background would be useful.  And 
if you can't help, perhaps you could direct me to a site which might guide me 
thru the format and reinstall.
Jupiter Matt

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