[pcductape] Re: Unsubscribing

  • From: "Ginger" <ginger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 14:24:11 -0600

Eric and Carl,

Thank you, thank you.


I didn't want to hurt you.  I tried to sneak out the back door so you'd never 
even know I left, but when I couldn't find it, I was forced to send out the 
announcement that I planned to leave.  

You may mourn my absence for a time, but you're a strong person.  You'll be 
okay.  There were others before me.. there'll be others after.  Trust me in 

I wish you the best.  

Carry on.. carry on.


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  try send blank message to
  with only unsubscribe in subject line.


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    From: Eric Skeen 
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    Subject: [pcductape] Re: Unsubscribing

    Hi Ginger,

    You're leaving us? Surely you jest!

    However... if you really want to go, then Sandy will help you out.

    That Guy In Africa...
    My Treetop: http://www.gds.co.za/northcom/
    ICQ#  39461303
    ~ Greetings from Sunny South Africa ~

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      Can someone tell me how to unsubscribe from this list, please?


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