[pcductape] Trojans - darn Trojans

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:56:31 -0600

Hi Bob,

Yes I have 5 items in my Startup Tab that I did not know about.   They are:

mhotkey - I've associated that with my mouse, but why is it in a startup folder?

bwheel35 - I cannot find any info on this and it is not in the Add/Remove 
section of Control Panel?

Msmsgs - I made a mistake about 3 years ago and installed msmsgs so that my 10 
year old granddaughter could communicate with me and I've tried to delete the 
darn thing and it still shows up in the Startup Folder Tab (it's not in the 
Startup folder itself but in the msconfig program tab)

Jupit Co - I've associated this with http://halpan.com/, which is a foreign 
site I've never visited.

Open Office - This is software that I've removed from the Add/Remove section of 
Control Panel.   Why would it still show in msconfig statup tab.

As I tried to ascertain why bwheel35 and JupitCo are in my msconfig startup 
tab, I used google.com to get information and there is a forum that talks about 
bwheel35 is a trojan but my Ad-aware and Spybot does not identify it.   I 
downloaded highjack this and scanned my system and bwheel35 does not show.   I 
guess I will hack the registry to rid it.

Highjack this does not identify Jupit Co either.   Highjack this did identify 
two BHO's that I had configured to not be used but I suspect trojans are using 
the BHO's even though they have been disable.   One BHO had to do with Norton 
Anti-virus which I uninstalled about 2 years ago.   I used Highjack this to 
remove that BHO.   The other BHO is Adoble which is used by Adoble 6.   If I 
delete the Adoble BHO will it disable Adoble 6?

Even though I've disabled the BHO, I suspect hackers are still using Adobe to 
look at my system.    That sure makes me upset when good software is used by 
crooks to get into people's systems.   I think Jupit Co is the one who is doing 
the trojan stuff to me.   I will hack my registry to rid Jupit Co.


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> Anything unknown in msconfig, startup tab, Carl?
> Bob Noble
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> > Hi Trapper,
> >
> > Sandi did not hit any popups either.   Now, I'm thinking it's my machine
> that's highjacked;   not the website.   But I run the anti-virus;  
> anti-spywear;
> and anti-Trojan software and they all say I'm clean.   Go figure.
> >
> > Carl


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