[pcductape] Re: Time to do a Back-up

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  • Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 00:40:03 -0500

MessageI used to have that same problem before the reinstall and what I used to 
have to do was to do a ctrl+alt+del to bring up the task manager and force NS 
to close.  I just out recently that in NS7 all you have to do is disable 
quicklaunch.  Go to Edit/Preferences and click on Advanced in the left panel.  
Take the check out of the box next to Quicklaunch.

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  And I didn't lose my addybook in Netscape 

  Hey Sandi, can I ask you or anyone who might know, 
  I just started viewing web pages in Netscape.
  When I close Netscape it say it can't open because the user is still in use.
  I need to view web pages to check alignment.
  Pam helped me one time and I was so grateful.
  Now I put every thing in a table, that seems to be working out ok.

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