[pcductape] Re: Time to do a Back-up

  • From: Sandi <sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 00:26:38 -0500

MessageGood point Steve!  I was glad that I had at least done a backup of my 
email not long ago so I only lost about two weeks worth of stuff.  And I didn't 
lose my addybook in Netscape but I can't export it to OE.  I can import from OE 
though.  LOL  Guess we live and learn huh?

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  Subject: [pcductape] Time to do a Back-up

  You know Sandi that's a good point you bring up,
   every one of us should back up our outlook address book tonight, 
  Even though my palm dose a back up of sorts, 
  its time I did a full export of my personal folder (pst) file to my zip dive. 
  you never know do ya.

  Please email me again.  After I recieved your last email my main harddrive 
crashed and I had to do a full format and reinstall so I lost 2 weeks worth of 
emails and my OE6 addressbook.  I never got a chance to answer your question.

  Everyone else on the list that I converse with regularly are encouraged to 
also email me directly so I can rebuild my addressbook please?

  Thanks all!


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