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I took me literally months to get used to the way that e-groups used
to get us to change things, but I did. Then Yahoo stepped in &
swallowed all the e-group lists, and I had to learn again. I still
battle to find silly little things like how to change all my email
addresses simultaneously at yahoo, but I found it. Now, before anyone
asks me where... I don't know, I have forgotten! I seem to have come
right with Freelists, but Topica says the authorisation I gave it
failed. But Sandi always comes to the rescue...

That Guy In Africa...
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Now , why should we ignore you? If you were a complete stranger I
ignore you - but not - so yes appears that freelists still accepts
Skeen to post !!!

Eric Skeen wrote:

>...Am I here, or am I not? Changing ISPs & email addies is easy on
>yahoo, not so on Freelists.
>We shall see... please ignore if I am here, and don't worry if I'm
>That Guy In Africa...

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