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MessageHi Lisa,

Test came in ok.
I guess most people have resolved local problems with their
computers or learn to live with them.  I still have an Outlook
Express 6 issue that has baffled me.   When I visit a website
like Tax Appraisal districts and I copy free public (Personal)
information off that website into my Outlook Express new email
message, I get everything ready to send until I try to add
remarks to the top or bottom of what I pasted and it will
close and when it does I lose all my information and I have to
reload Outlook Express 6 and start over and remember not to
add any remarks to the pasted stuff.    Very frustrating.   Of
course I can copy the website into Word or some text editor
and the copy it to Outlook Express and it's ok.    However, I
hate having to go the extra step.    Any suggestions?    Yes,
I've emptied all my email accounts and I keep the incoming box
and the outgoing box empty at all times.    What else should I

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  Haven't gotten any mail from the list in about a week- just
making sure I'm still subscribed!


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