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Bob ,

Sys restore in XP only saves and restores system files - nothing more
and nothing less.

But.........and there is always a but with Microsoft [LOL], watch how
that sys restore file grows if you don't set it to some sort of limit -
the first time I ran XP I didn't know about this and all of a sudden my
C: partition had "lost" over 2 GB of free space. Limit the amount of
restores you want otherwise.......

P.S. You would be able to find the music files if.....they were not in
temp storage, if they had already been saved to your hard disk they
would not be lost.

You can check this out, if you have the guts, in the following manner -

A - Create a restore point manually. Give it a name you'll definitely
B - Download a file and store it somewhere that you'll remember.
C - Restart your comp and then do a restore sys maneuver.
D - Check to see that the file you downloaded really does still exist.

Let us know - that way we will know 2 things .....

1. That what I say is true or false
2. That you have guts

Have fun




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Hi Pam,
Actually the restore function is a very good program in xp.

It's usually set to record a restore point about once a day. If you get
a virus today, you could go in and restore it to yesterday, and the
machine would not know the virus entered, and the virus would be dead,
because the restore date was before the virus started, so therefore, no

It basically tracks the system settings.  A draw back would be that you
just download 200 megs of music and you crashed and need to restore.
You would not be able to find this music.

Restore is also good when one wants to experiment, or install something

To do this, click start, all programs, accessories, system tools, system
Follow the directions and set a restore point and name it say,

Do the wizard.  If you don't like how your system works after the
wizard, just go to system restore and return it to the wizardtry restore
It will reboot after a restore.

I haven't used it a lot, but I find it very handy. Especially when
someone says they got a virus, and I ask it they ran a restore yet, they
do, and so far, the virus has been gone.

I've been concerned about losing emails doing this, but somewhere I read
yesterday that it doesn't effect your email.

Bob Noble
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