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Hi again
Just a brief note to report that I have installed the "Studio-Line Photo
basic" program with no apparent ill effects to date. I should have given the
link to the program earlier, so I'll correct that oversight now :

Download url:

Or Main page: http://www.studioline.net/EN/

As it turns out, I was disappointed to learn that the free-version does not
support the "tif" format which I use as the format of choice for editing and
archiving my photo's. Of course that feature is included in the commercial
version, which I am not inclined to procure.

Still, the program has many usefull features (ie:batch editing a list of
photos) but is not of a level to compete with paintshop, photo shop, etc.
The "red-eye" correction feature is virtually automatic. Also, the mechanics
of "cropping" is interesting. Certainly worth a look and the price is right
(free ).Be sure to download the separate tutorials.

I have not observed any "call-home" activity.

Thanks again for your help

best regards,                                  Ray Spitz

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| Let us know the outcome.
| Try to use it when you are not connected and see what happens.

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