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MessageAnother good one that is making a name for itself is called spybot.
Many are saying it catches a lot that AdAware is missing.

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  I think the best spyware remover is Ad-Aware. Sandi posted a link to it
earlier, but if you missed it, here it is again.


  Martha's Web
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    Hi Martha,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.   :-)   I had installed the "free"
software and ran it once and it gave me suggestions to delete stuff I really
use.   So before I deleted anything I thought I would ask.   I'm glad I did.
I have now uninstalled the spywarenuker.

    I am using Panicware Pop-up Stopper and I like it.


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      There is some talk that SpyWareNuker itself is spyware.  I got this
from a newsletter:
      'A tale has been making the rounds of various privacy-oriented message
boards about a piece of spyware removal software which might be spyware
itself. I'm talking about "Spyware Nuker", a product made by Lion's Pride
Enterprises. Lion's Pride is the company responsible for a program called
wnad. Wnad was distributed last year by rankyou.com as a hidden
popup-spawning module inside a game called "Yo Mama Osama". Supposedly the
money generated by the popup spam was to go to The Red Cross to help with
the WTC/Pentagon victim's fund, but I am unaware of any money being
disbursed to this fund by Lion's Pride Enterprises or rankyou.com.

      One post that I read at computing.net by someone who tested this
software reports that the main executable of the program is compressed in an
obscure format, making the source code unreadable. The poster also provided
a snippet from the End User License Agreement (EULA).

      From the EULA: "You acknowledge that "Trek Blue" may, at their sole
discretion and for any purpose, provide updates, automatic or otherwise, to
the "Trek Blue" Program(s) including but not limited to the advertising or
other value-added software and technology."

      "By installing, downloading, copying, updating or otherwise using the
"Trek Blue" Program(s), you specifically agree to include and/or accept the
noted software and technology through which "Trek Blue", its subsidiaries,
affiliates, partners, divisions, and clients provide value-added upgrades
and applications to your computer."

      Judging by the EULA alone, certainly it is adware. Is this so-called
spyware cleaner also spyware? Further testing should find out one way or the
other. '

      So I didn't take any chances with this & won't install it.


      Martha's Web

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        Has anyone tried SpyWareNuker?
        If so, any problems?

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