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  There is some talk that SpyWareNuker itself is spyware.  I
got this from a newsletter:
  'A tale has been making the rounds of various
privacy-oriented message boards about a piece of spyware
removal software which might be spyware itself. I'm talking
about "Spyware Nuker", a product made by Lion's Pride
Enterprises. Lion's Pride is the company responsible for a
program called wnad. Wnad was distributed last year by
rankyou.com as a hidden popup-spawning module inside a game
called "Yo Mama Osama". Supposedly the money generated by the
popup spam was to go to The Red Cross to help with the
WTC/Pentagon victim's fund, but I am unaware of any money
being disbursed to this fund by Lion's Pride Enterprises or

Hi Martha,

Thanks for the heads-up on the spywareNuker.   As I re-read
your reply, this pargraph (above)  bothers me.  A horrible
thought is "What if the bad guys who did 9/11 are the same
guys who did "wnda"?.    Wouldn't that be hell;  do a 9/11
attack, then create a fake charity fund via the Internet and
get money out of the bad deed.    And another thing bothers
me;   we can fly a space ship to the moon but we cannot find
Osama Bin Laden.   And he's not the average guy;  his features
will cause him to stand out in any crowd.    So, what is going
on with our Government?


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