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Hi Carl,
I read the other posts and see that you got the problem solved, but I
thought I would mention, for future use, that Excel is capable of importing
delimited lists.  If all else fails you can copy/paste and then import into

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Hi Lori,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Be Blessed.   I used Excel 2002 and yes, it works.   Wow!
My earlier messages were based on MsWorks spreadsheet which is fast and easy
but not for websites.  Incidentally when I did do the copy from the website
and the paste I shut down the website, then my firewall asked if I wanted to
allow Excel Internet Access and then Excel opened the website as it pasted
the info to an Excel spreadsheet .   I can even delete the account number
column that I don't need.

Thanks again.

When I looked at the "source" of that website at http://www.hcad.org I
noticed that the author created the page on 3-30-2001 (before Excel 2002)
and he used JavaScript.   It looks like he use ";" to separate the columns.
When I looked at the properties of that page I see that it is in HyperText
Transfer Protocol and is not protected, which tells me the owner of the
website want people to copy & paste.   :-)


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> Carl,
> I highlighted the whole table on the web page, control C to copy, went
> to the spreadsheet, clicked on A1 and control V to paste.
> Everything (All rows and columns) seperated just the way its supposed
> to.
> I have Office 2000 and used Excel to do this.
> Hopefully it works for you the same way if you have the same version of
> Office.
> Lori

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