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  • Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:23:21 -0800

I've loaded sp2 into about six different computers with no ill effects. Even had a lady pay me to fix her ill sp2 load. I fixed her system and loaded sp2 with no problem. I think she failed to turn off her antivirus and windows got trashed.

Bob Noble
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The trade off Carl does not seem worth it to me? I refuse now to load sp2 onto any of my systems. To much negativity going on with it..The usual MS stuff..For everyone you hear that is doing ok with it there are 10 others who aren't. When a patch is in need of a fix, then something ought to tell you something is dead wrong..and it is usually your computer that goes dead..! For every problem the sp2 fixed it created several more in it's wake. The few you listed an\re as good of an example as I can think of...not to mention the ones it caused for me. I ended up having to nuke the whole computer down..was easier than trying to figure it all out one by one.

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