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Hi Scott

Thanks for that reply to Carl specially that bit on writing to complain I shall 
remember that in future the times I have come across sites like that.   But you 
jolted me to take a look at my own websites and check that I haven't hard-code 
the font sizes.

Thanks Scott


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> Note that may web pages hard-code the font sizes, which makes them
> basically user-unfriendly. Check the IE options to see what it says
> about overriding the fonts on the page. Also look at the accessibility
> stuff. If you run across such site, write to them and complain. Remind
> them that the percentage of older people is increasing, and older
> people with computers tend to have more money than younger people with
> computers.  And, just in case they're inclined to blow you off, remind
> them that most people won't even bother to write; they'll just go
> elsewhere without saying anything.
> --Scott.

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