[pcductape] Re: Shrunken Laptop screen

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Several thoughts come to mind.

Have you rebooted?
When you went to Control/Display, did you try changing the resolution of
your screen to other resolutions to see what happens?
Have you checked to see if the right drivers are installed for the video
card since re formatting?
I've forgotten most of what I know about the 98 system.  I remember therewas
another place to change the type of display but I can't recall where/what it
was.  =(  Maybe someone else can remember it.


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  My son's Dell Laptop had to have its HD re-formatted and reloaded with his
W98 SE CD.  After installing his W98SE all screens are "shrunk" but appear
perfect except for the reduced size.  I went into "Control> Display" but I
don't see any settings that I could use to expand the screen.   Any
  Jupiter Matt

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