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Well, now you say it, maybe it was.   The only Tennessee joke
I have on file is this one.
      Stumpy and Martha
      Stumpy and his wife Martha went to the Tennessee state
fair every year. Every year Stumpy would say, "Martha, I'd
like to ride in that there airplane."
      And every year Martha would say, "I know Stumpy, but
that airplane ride costs ten dollars, and ten dollars is ten

      One year Stumpy and Martha went to the fair and Stumpy
said, "Martha, I'm 71 years old. If I don't ride that airplane
this year I may never get another chance."

      Martha replied, "Stumpy, that there airplane ride costs
ten dollars, and ten dollars is ten dollars."

      The pilot overheard them and said, "Folks, I'll make you
a deal, I'll take you both up for a ride. If you can stay
quiet for the entire ride and not say one word, I won't charge
you, but if you say one word it's ten dollars."

      Stumpy and Martha agreed and up they went. The pilot did
all kinds of twists and turns, rolls and dives, but not a word
was heard. He did all his tricks over again, but still not a
word. They landed and the pilot turned to Stumpy, "By golly, I
did everything I could think of to get you to yell out, but
you didn't."

      Stumpy replied, "Well, I was gonna say something when
Martha fell out, but ten dollars is ten dollars."


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  Hello Carl,

  Saturday, February 22, 2003, 10:21:08 AM, you wrote:

  C> I use to know a joke about how to spell Tennessee but
  C> forgotten it. Maybe someone knows.

  Sure it wasn't the Mississippi joke?

  Best regards,
   Scott                            mailto:Wizard@xxxxxxxx

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