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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:56:35 -0600

Hey Thanks De,


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    I guess I will have to purchase a program to remove CoolWebSearch properly. 
  I've heard that  SpyCatcher is a good program that will remove CoolWebSearch; 
  has anyone any experience with  SpyCatcher ? 

       Cannot remember if I tried SpyCatcher, however I have run a ton of 
programs to remove spyware. Was very impressed with Spy Sweeper from 
  This program gives you a 30 day free trial before they want you to buy. It is 
fully functional for the 30 days. I runs in the backround like antivirus 
software and it did clean up 2 machines (I had run everything else on these 
machines without complete success) Check it out, hope it solves your problem. 

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