[pcductape] Re: STOP error (moved to Freelists)

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:34:38 -0600

Now you're talking the way I feel.

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  The bugs on a computer are out of my range of expertise. I use to keep up 
with them but soon got overwhelmed by them all. As to which bug is what and who 
removes what is beyond me..Bugs me when another program will catch something 
that the last one supposedly missed. I lean towards the freebies cuz they 
aren't gaining any money from it. They don't find the bug and the next one 
does..how do I know it is really there and not just placed there or in the msg. 
saying I got it when I really don't and for only $ you to can have it 
removed..or how do I know if [program 1 did not catch it just because of an 
outdated version or a poorly written program..
  The only way I can tell is if the bug is bugging me, and then stops after I 
run a program. All sounds fishy to me!
  I think I ran spycatcher once..Claimed it found kazzillion bugs but to remove 
them I would have to buy..Nothing said about it in the "DL"..I dumped them as 
fast as I could..Don't like mis-leading ads. If it had taken care of them on 
the spot for me I probably would have bought the program..

  Carl wrote: 
    Hi Trapper,
    No, the customer was suggesting that I got the virus from visiting a porn 
site.    Although I don't do porn, my 17 year old secretary did about a year 
ago.    Could a virus stay on my system that long?    After all the scans I 
run.    I even run scans while connected to the Internet.   I really don't 
think I have a virus.

    Yes, the computer repair shop did NOT fix the problem with "About:blank".   
 I ran a full AVG scan and it came in clean.   I ran an Ad-Aware scan and it 
came in clean.   I ran Spybot and it came back with CoolWebSearch and I removed 
it using Spybot;   but it will be there again the next time I scan.

    I guess I will have to purchase a program to remove CoolWebSearch properly. 
  I've heard that  SpyCatcher is a good program that will remove CoolWebSearch; 
  has anyone any experience with  SpyCatcher ?

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