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Hi Scott,

Good advice.


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Hi Carl,

Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 6:51:34 AM, you wrote:

C> I guess I will have to purchase a program to remove
C> CoolWebSearch properly. I've heard that SpyCatcher is a good
C> program that will remove CoolWebSearch; has anyone any experience
C> with SpyCatcher ?

CWShredder is the standard program for removing CoolWebSearch, and the
price is right. The manufacturer also has a trial version of
SpySubtract, which seems to find and remove some items that Spybot and
AdAware don't find. Spysubtract has CWShredder bundled with it, but
you'll have to run the option to check for the latest revision, since
they've apparently updated it since they bundled it.

A trial version of SpySweeper is also available.  Go through the
freebies before coughing money out.  With the anti-spyware market as
immature as it is now, it's not a good idea to buy stuff until you
know that it can find and fix your problems; all of the good ones
have functional trial versions.


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