[pcductape] Re: STOP error (moved to Freelists)

  • From: "Huntress" <sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 22:33:20 -0500

well it's been over an hour and I never got my post back...Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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  From: Bob Noble 
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  Subject: [pcductape] Re: STOP error (moved to Freelists)

  Hi Sandi,
  How come you have problems with Tropica and I don't?  I get email back, 
  usually less then one minute after I send it.

  Bob Noble
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  From: "Huntress" <sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  Subject: [pcductape] STOP error (moved to Freelists)

  I moved this over to Freelists due to the technical nature and the fact that 
  I posted an answer a long time ago on Topica and it still hasn't shown up.

  WinXP can not locate the system partition or boot volume. This error may 
  occur after repartition or upgrading of the disk controller. The boot.ini 
  file may no longer point to the correct partitions or the hardware may not 
  be configured properly
  Try the Recovery Console and use the Boofdfg command to repair the Boot.ini 
  Boot from WindowsXP CD and "Repair" the Windows.

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    From: Carl
    To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 2:01 PM
    Subject: [PC-Ductape] STOP error

    Hey Guys,

    I need some suggestions.   I am using a Dell Optiplex GX240 computer with 
  Windows 2000 Professional and today I was running Outlook Express and when I 
  tried to reply to a message the system froze on me.   I used Ctrl+Alt+Del 
  keys to bring up the Windows Task Manger and tried to kill all open 
  programs, which I was successful except I could not kill Outlook Express. 
  So, I turned the machine off.   When it rebooted, I get a message on a blue 
  screen with white fonts that reports

    "STOP:  0X000007B    INACCESSIBLE Boot Device, check for viruses on your 
  computer.  Remove any newly installed harddcrive or harddrive controllers. 
  Check hard drive to make sure it is properly configured & terminated.  Run 
  chkdsk /F to check for had drive corruption and then restart computer. 
  Refer to getting Started manual for more information on trouble shooting 
  Stop errors."

    When Outlook Express froze and I tried to kill the program, I got a 
  message that it was "debugging" and I should wait.   After 10 minutes I gave 
  up and told the unit off electricity.    And that's when I get the Stop 

    The error message says to check for virus;   but I cannot get to a prompt; 
  not even in safe mode;   not even to Bios to check my settings.   I do 
  recall that about 2 weeks ago, my system was "hijacked" and my Ad-aware & 
  Spybot does not find the Trojan but I keep having to correct my "About: 
  Blank" web page and all seems to work ok.   I should have found that 
  hijacker and removed it from the registry.    Oh well;    when one 
  procrastinates, one gets in hot water.

    Of course, since I cannot boot into safe mode, I cannot run Chkdsk /F.

    Any suggestions?

    Carl Martin


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