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I understand now!
Did he have the name for this so called virus?
Was he suggesting that in order to get this bug you had to have gone to the porn site, or was he saying that it started their and you can now get it anywhere..
As it turns out he was wrong..had nothing to do with a bug.
I am assuming you were given back a totally clean system with no bugs at all..

Carl wrote:

Hi Trapper,
My computer is on my desk and I show my customers their website page as I write the insurance policy or correct a policy already issued or take a payment. I show the customer how I give them credit for a payment right in Farmers Insurance Group website. It's what I do. The customer came in to make a payment on his account and I had to hand write him a hand written receipt. I showed him my sick commuter's screen and he had seen such an error message before and that is when he said a new virus is out and that the new virus is from a porn site. After I gave him a piece of my mind, he probably will not be my customer any more. But that's ok. The good Lord will probably send me 2 or 3 to replace him. :-)

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    Carl I was thinking about this customer..How embarrassing that
    must have been for you, but then I was trying to figure out how is
    it he was able to see all this on your screen? Most busn I go into
    you can't see the screen unless you climb behind the counter..
    What was he doing behind your work area??
    Why would he presume that this virus ( if it was one ) came from a
    porno site..what id it as such?? Better yet how did he know unless
    he had been there himself..
    I would have fallen over if someone said that to me..especially if
    there was others around..

    Carl wrote:

    Hey Trapper,

Yep we must be bored. But this is also a learning experience. After we find out what happened, maybe I can take preventative
actions to prevent it from re occurring. A customer comes into
my office and right away he's saying I got a virus from a porn
site I visited. I jumped down his throat and told him no way I
visit porn sites, of course my secretary may have while I was out
of the office. But when I run Cleanup3, I always check to see
what sites she did visit during the day before I remove all of
them. A year ago I had a 17 year old high school girl that did
and I showed her the porn sites displayed in Cleanup3 and she
cried. She is not with me any more.



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