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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 07:04:54 -0600

Hi Scott,

I preached to the customer;  not cuss.

My employees should be aware of what Cleanup3 is but I don't think they do. They have never used it, yet.

Good point about the virus scan. I've installed AVG 7 but I have not yet ran a full scan. I'll do that 1st thing today.


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Hi Carl,

Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 1:19:42 AM, you wrote:

C> My computer is on my desk and I show my customers their website
C> page as I write the insurance policy or correct a policy already
C> issued or take a payment. I show the customer how I give them
C> credit for a payment right in Farmers Insurance Group website.
C> It's what I do. The customer came in to make a payment on his
C> account and I had to hand write him a hand written receipt. I
C> showed him my sick commuter's screen and he had seen such an error
C> message before and that is when he said a new virus is out and that
C> the new virus is from a porn site. After I gave him a piece of
C> my mind, he probably will not be my customer any more. But that's
C> ok. The good Lord will probably send me 2 or 3 to replace him.

Cussing out customers isn't necessarily a good idea.  :)  He probably
meant well, and didn't necessarily mean that YOU were surfing porn

Are your employees perhaps savvy enough to run Cleanup3 themselves?

If you haven't run a full virus scan lately on the system, perhaps you
should; it's easy for a virus to infect a system before signatures are
updated or before users are aware of what new signs to look for.


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