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Hi Trapper,

My computer is on my desk and I show my customers their website page as I write 
the insurance policy or correct a policy already issued or take a payment.   I 
show the customer how I give them credit for a payment right in Farmers 
Insurance Group website.    It's what I do.    The customer came in to make a 
payment on his account and I had to hand write him a hand written receipt.   I 
showed him my sick commuter's screen and he had seen such an error message 
before and that is when he said a new virus is out and that the new virus is 
from a porn site.    After I gave him a piece of my mind, he probably will not 
be my customer any more.   But that's ok.   The good Lord will probably send me 
2 or 3 to replace him.   :-)


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  Carl I was thinking about this customer..How embarrassing that must have been 
for you, but then I was trying to figure out how is it he was able to see all 
this on your screen? Most busn I go into you can't see the screen unless you 
climb behind the counter..
  What was he doing behind your work area??
  Why would he presume that this virus ( if it was one ) came from a porno 
site..what id it as such?? Better yet how did he know unless he had been there 
  I would have fallen over if someone said that to me..especially if there was 
others around..

  Carl wrote: 
    Hey Trapper, 

    Yep we must be bored.   But this is also a learning experience.   After we 
find out what happened, maybe I can take preventative actions to prevent it 
from re occurring.   A customer comes into my office and right away he's saying 
I got a virus from a porn site I visited.   I jumped down his throat and told 
him no way I visit porn sites, of course my secretary may have while I was out 
of the office.    But when I run Cleanup3, I always check to see what sites she 
did visit during the day before I remove all of them. A year ago I had a 17 
year old high school girl that did and I showed her the porn sites displayed in 
Cleanup3 and she cried.    She is not with me any more. 

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