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Carl I was thinking about this customer..How embarrassing that must have been for you, but then I was trying to figure out how is it he was able to see all this on your screen? Most busn I go into you can't see the screen unless you climb behind the counter..
What was he doing behind your work area??
Why would he presume that this virus ( if it was one ) came from a porno site..what id it as such?? Better yet how did he know unless he had been there himself..
I would have fallen over if someone said that to me..especially if there was others around..

Carl wrote:

Hey Trapper,

Yep we must be bored. But this is also a learning experience. After we find out what happened, maybe I can take preventative actions to prevent it from re occurring. A customer comes into my office and right away he's saying I got a virus from a porn site I visited. I jumped down his throat and told him no way I visit porn sites, of course my secretary may have while I was out of the office. But when I run Cleanup3, I always check to see what sites she did visit during the day before I remove all of them. A year ago I had a 17 year old high school girl that did and I showed her the porn sites displayed in Cleanup3 and she cried. She is not with me any more.


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Yes I understood that, but was wondering if that was what he was saying was wrong with Carls computer. Sounded to me like he was saying just clean your memory and all will be ok again...I still believe he has to start with the registry..
Replace it or re-install it...I am thinking that if all is nuked to 0, re-partitioned and all that stuff..then the computer will come back into play. Can't see why not from this end. But hey I have been wrong before..One time way back last century...ha!
Once it is fixed the rest of the stuff will fall into place..
I of course am assuming that the drives are in physical contact..that is not unplugged.

I find this little scenario interesting.. His computer is in the shop and all of us who are 1000;s of miles away are trying to second guess what happened and is happening..We must really be bored...ha!

Huntress wrote:

He's saying that he has had this happen on a few Dells recently and the problem was with the RAM contacts becoming dirty so you have to take them out and clean them with a pencil eraser and put them back in. The "dirt" is actually carbon deposits that can be caused by voltage fluctuations. :-)

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Are you saying that a re-seating of his memory is all that is needed??

David Emery wrote:

    I have run into a few Dells lately that I have had to remove and
    clean the memory with an eraser and reseat them, caused all kinds
    of problems from no boot to erratic problems. Sorry I didn't see
    your post earlier. Dave
    At 02:19 AM 12/18/2004 -0600, you wrote:

    *Hi De,*
     *I cannot boot to bios.*
    *I cannot boot to A drive.*
    *I cannot boot to my CD drive.*
    *I cannot boot to my DVD drive.*
     *I was able to run Dell's dynastic (I used Ctrl+Alt+D keys) and
    both drives are ok.   I still cannot boot to bios nor any
    drives, although I do see the light come on when I turn the
    computer back on;  that is the A drive lights up and the CD
    drive lights up (the DVD drive does not light up), yet the
    system will not stop on A nor CD drives.   It will only go to
    the blue screen with the error message.*
     *I no longer have possession of the machine;   it's in my
    friend's computer repair shop.*

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            I'm thinking the same thing.   I'm thinking the
            registry is corrupt and maybe non exist.   Maybe a
            virus or Trojan delete my registry.    A good lesson in
            all this is to make a copy of the registry and put it
            on a cd for safe keeping.    But, my issue is, I cannot
            get to an A nor CD prompt.

Carl My crash was caused by an inproper shutdown. Check your bios setup for the first boot device and set it
to what you would like. When I totally wiped the drive (I could not get the repair
program to run) and reinstalled I had to boot from the 4
floppy disks that I made from the Win2000 make a disk
directory and then it directed setup to the CD and it
installed Win2000. If you have not made these disks and need a NTFS boot
disk (to read your hard drive so you know that it is ok) go
to NTFS.com (hope that is the correct address) and get one.
That is where I got one and was able to read my hard drive.
Alot to the disk that I was not sure of, it is a neat disk tho. HTH De

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