[pcductape] Re: STOP error (moved to Freelists)

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:58:51 EST

In a message dated 12/17/04 1:49:56 PM Central Standard Time, 
ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I'm thinking the same thing.   I'm thinking the registry is corrupt and 
> maybe non exist.   Maybe a virus or Trojan delete my registry.    A good 
> lesson 
> in all this is to make a copy of the registry and put it on a cd for safe 
> keeping.    But, my issue is, I cannot get to an A nor CD prompt.

   My crash was caused by an inproper shutdown.
   Check your bios setup for the first boot device and set it to what you 
would like. 
   When I totally wiped the drive (I could not get the repair program to run) 
and reinstalled I had to boot from the 4 floppy disks that I made from the 
Win2000 make a disk directory and then it directed setup to the CD and it 
installed Win2000. 
    If you have not made these disks and need a NTFS boot disk (to read your 
hard drive so you know that it is ok) go to NTFS.com (hope that is the correct 
address) and get one. That is where I got one and was able to read my hard 
drive. Alot to the disk that I was not sure of, it is a neat disk tho. 

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