[pcductape] Re: STOP error - Blue Screen

  • From: "Carl" <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 13:40:48 -0600

I've learned my lesson.   When software is debugging, leave it alone.   Btw, 
when it was debugging, I did try Ctrl+Alt+Del and it would not kill the 


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  Carl I honestly don't believe it was anything to do with memory chips. None 
of what you have said would add up to anything doing with memory..
  Debugging means it is fixing itself..so why do anything during that 
  you could use the ctrl-Alt-del. to stop it I suppose..
  I would just let it run it's process. If it is going to mess it up anyhow 
what is the difference..Pulling a plug in the middle of a process is not what 
we want to do..
  The key here is " Middle" or as in " already started" Then that would still 
depend on what has started and if the computer can restore itself after 
re-boot, assuming you can re-boot.
  If you want to prove this out, I suppose you could mimmick the process all 
over...Mess it all up again and see if the memory is where it is at..or another 
way would be to research it thru yourself and see what happens.
  Now that your back up on line another thing you could do is punch the error 
msg into the Internet and see what comes up.

  Carl wrote: 
    Actually I was in Outlook Express and it was in the process of "debuging" 
and would not shut down and that is why I pulled the plug.   Now, you think it 
was Service Patch 4?
    Two lessons I've learned:
    1- When a blue screen appears, pull the memory chips myself,
    2- Do not pull the plug when a program is "debuging".


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      I think their should be a place for you to go to and complain and get 
re-imbursed for the troubles..If I bought a toaster and the toaster burnt my 
house down cuz it wasn't right, you betcha their would be a lot of recall and 
insurance claims etc..
      if you "DL" a software product by MS and it crashes your computer and 
cost you $ and down time then why should that be any different than a toaster.
      I wonder if in that small prints somewhere it has a disclaimer. Probably 
does.. Evidently that service pack 4 was re-witting your stuff when you pulled 
the plug on it..?
      I know some of these "DL" advise to backup ( theres that crazy word 
again) before you start a install. In case of a power outage or something..!

      Carl wrote: 
        The DL was Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.


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