[pcductape] Re: STOP error - Blue Screen

  • From: "Carl" <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 06:37:34 -0600

Actually I was in Outlook Express and it was in the process of "debuging" and 
would not shut down and that is why I pulled the plug.   Now, you think it was 
Service Patch 4?
Two lessons I've learned:
1- When a blue screen appears, pull the memory chips myself,
2- Do not pull the plug when a program is "debuging".


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  I think their should be a place for you to go to and complain and get 
re-imbursed for the troubles..If I bought a toaster and the toaster burnt my 
house down cuz it wasn't right, you betcha their would be a lot of recall and 
insurance claims etc..
  if you "DL" a software product by MS and it crashes your computer and cost 
you $ and down time then why should that be any different than a toaster.
  I wonder if in that small prints somewhere it has a disclaimer. Probably 
does.. Evidently that service pack 4 was re-witting your stuff when you pulled 
the plug on it..?
  I know some of these "DL" advise to backup ( theres that crazy word again) 
before you start a install. In case of a power outage or something..!

  Carl wrote: 
    The DL was Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.

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