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I think their should be a place for you to go to and complain and get re-imbursed for the troubles..If I bought a toaster and the toaster burnt my house down cuz it wasn't right, you betcha their would be a lot of recall and insurance claims etc..
if you "DL" a software product by MS and it crashes your computer and cost you $ and down time then why should that be any different than a toaster.
I wonder if in that small prints somewhere it has a disclaimer. Probably does.. Evidently that service pack 4 was re-witting your stuff when you pulled the plug on it..?
I know some of these "DL" advise to backup ( theres that crazy word again) before you start a install. In case of a power outage or something..!

Carl wrote:

The DL was Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.

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    What was the "DL" you did? I want to make sure I never "DL" it..

    Carl wrote:

Hey Guys,
I got my Dell computer back today and all I had was a corrupt
Windows 2000 software. My friend would not tell me how he got
the unit to boot to a cd prompt so he could run "repair" Windows
2000. He said that one of the downloads I did my Windows 2000
Service Pack 4 caused the software to become corrupt. He said
it was not the memory chips nor the registry nor the power supply
nor the disconnecting the power. It was Windows 2000 operating
system that became corrupt because of Microsoft's updates. Maybe I should send the bill to Microsoft.


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