[pcductape] Re: STOP error - Blue Screen

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 18:29:10 -0500

I did not see the original error only that he was unable to boot and get to any prompt, and was assuming all he saw was a black screen. That is why I recommended reseating the memory chips. I was unaware until tonight that he was getting a blue screen and what the error was. :>)
At 01:39 PM 12/22/2004 -0600, you wrote:

I don't know. I thought someone said the memory chips might be the reason why I could not boot to BIOS or a prompt.

You keep talking like this........and I'll really get confused.


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I am not sure why you would pull the memory chips when a blue screen appears..???
the bsod is an error msg..usually a fatal one..
Pulling the memory would do what???

Carl wrote:
Actually I was in Outlook Express and it was in the process of "debuging" and would not shut down and that is why I pulled the plug. Now, you think it was Service Patch 4?
Two lessons I've learned:
1- When a blue screen appears, pull the memory chips myself,
2- Do not pull the plug when a program is "debuging".


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