[pcductape] Re: STOP error - Blue Screen

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:13:26 -0900

We are going to get Carl so confused..!
Trust me I am not confused..I know precisely what it is I am talking about and his repairman and the error msg proves it..:-)
His computer is now working because what was needed was done.
He had two distinct problems going on..Windows was shot,and he could not boot..Even if he could have booted he would not have gotten any where because windows was down..windows being down meant all the software installed was also shot..Pointers werent pointing to where they were suppose to have pointed..
So the first thing he had to discern was why he could not boot..His error msg told him why..Because of that he did not need to trouble shoot any further and get involved with bios and memory and what ever..!
So figure out how to fix that and then re-load windows..
Simple! He had a boot problem that he could have fixed with a new boot record..That is simple enough to fix..providing your not trying to save information..which he wasn't..once he had that fixed he could then re-installed windows or re-load it, or re-stored it back to a prior date..Prior to the bug. I think a complete overhaul would have been the best way to go..!
I am not sure if he just did a restore or what?? A complete overhaul would have gotten rid of anything buggy and he would not have to be doing it himself.

Anyhow the important thing is he is back on line and ready to go..
Now all he has to do is decide if he is going to be a computer fix it man or an insurance agent..:-). I would say until he can find a reliable person who he has absolute confidence in, he will have to play both roles. Might be a long night for Carl.

Huntress wrote:

Trapper is the one that's confused. He forgot that you couldn't boot to the BIOS or anything else.

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I don't know. I thought someone said the memory chips might be
the reason why I could not boot to BIOS or a prompt. You keep talking like this........and I'll really get confused.

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        I am not sure why you would pull the memory chips when a blue
        screen appears..???
        the bsod is an error msg..usually a fatal one..
        Pulling the memory would do what???

Carl wrote:

Trapper, Actually I was in Outlook Express and it was in the process
of "debuging" and would not shut down and that is why I
pulled the plug. Now, you think it was Service Patch 4?
Two lessons I've learned:
1- When a blue screen appears, pull the memory chips myself,
2- Do not pull the plug when a program is "debuging".

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