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  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 12:03:11 -0600

Good suggestions Trapper.
I'll check to see if I can configure the programs to run during the night. I do leave my unit on 24/7 too.

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Carl I believe you can write your own by using the call command within the
batch file..
would look something like this.
go to dos and type   edit program name.bat
so maybe it might look like this
c:\ edit fix.bat

@ echo off
call cleanup
call spbot
type in ctrl Z (to end it)
If your not wanting to mess with batch files you could try this..
cfg. the first program to run at 1am..then have the second program to run at
2:30 am etc...
in other words give them all sufficient time to run and then schedule the
next one..
this of course would require you to leave the computer on at night..all
night..but then you would not have any down time when you come into the
office. it would all be done and ready to go..You could put your computer
into a hibernation mode and then have it wake up...Some folks I have seen
them use the computer as a night lite in their office..?
Not sure about that practice. I usually at least shut down the monitor at
The danger of leaving the computer on at night is nill if you have a good
power supply..I have left mine on 24/7 for over a year now..on the other
hand this morning I woke to find Diane's computer dead in the water because
it went out due to a bad power supply.
I am praying that is all I am going to find this morning, else its an
unscheduled stop to the computer store to get the parts to build a new
one..That was not figured into our budget...:-(

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