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If them Texans would stop importing oil from Iraq..maybe they could keep the
lights on for more than a minute or two..ha!
No flame intended unless your an Iraq.

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Leave it to the Texans to screw up the word brownout. :O)
Losing power for that long in California would be a black out. :O)

For all others that live outside the area of Texas, a brownout would be when
power drops below 120 volts and the lights go dim, but not out for a period
It's very hard on motors starting.

Bob Noble
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| Hi Trapper,
| The word "brownout" is  a local slang word here in the Houston
| area meaning that we lost total electrical power for a minute
| or two or sometimes as long as 5 minutes.   I do not know what
| causes it.    The local rumors are that the local power
| company is switching electricity from an area of "low use" to
| an area of "high use".   This happens on a average of 2 to 3
| times a week.    My problem is when I'm working in the Farmers
| Insurance database "the input data" is not automatically saved
| until we finish the entry and "send" the data to Underwriting
| and then it's saved.    Sometimes it takes 30 - 40 minutes to
| input one policy.   When a brownout hits and I'm in the middle
| of inputting information into Farmers AS400 system (the
| world's worst software program), it's takes a lot of control
| to avoid saying words of angry.   My office is located out
| here  in the suburbs and the heavy users of electricity are
| those huge buildings in downtown Houston.    At times I begin
| to think it's Enron employees practicing for another
| "Blackout" of power in California.
| Carl
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