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Hi Trapper,

The word "brownout" is  a local slang word here in the Houston
area meaning that we lost total electrical power for a minute
or two or sometimes as long as 5 minutes.   I do not know what
causes it.    The local rumors are that the local power
company is switching electricity from an area of "low use" to
an area of "high use".   This happens on a average of 2 to 3
times a week.    My problem is when I'm working in the Farmers
Insurance database "the input data" is not automatically saved
until we finish the entry and "send" the data to Underwriting
and then it's saved.    Sometimes it takes 30 - 40 minutes to
input one policy.   When a brownout hits and I'm in the middle
of inputting information into Farmers AS400 system (the
world's worst software program), it's takes a lot of control
to avoid saying words of angry.   My office is located out
here  in the suburbs and the heavy users of electricity are
those huge buildings in downtown Houston.    At times I begin
to think it's Enron employees practicing for another
"Blackout" of power in California.


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  ok I will confess my ignorance...what's a brownout???

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  That's the very same one I have.
  No problems except;
  here in this part of Texas we have "brownouts" or power
surges about 2/3 times a week for only a minute or two and for
some reason I lose the cable connection to Road Runner.   I
have found that if I turn off the computer (no power) and
unplug the cable modem and unplug the router and wait 10
seconds and then turn every thing back on, my connection comes
back up.   I wonder if someone can explain why?

  The "brownouts" I do not understand either.    Someone
explained a few years ago that it was the power company making
switches from one light use area into a heavy use area, but
why the brownout.

  Or, Maybe it's Enron pulling their dirty tricks.   :-)


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    I have one, Elaine.  It has been very dependable & I have
had no problems with it.  Been using for almost 2 1/2 years.
Would not be without it.


    Martha's Web
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      Hi All

      hope everyone is ok

      I have just brought a Linksys- BEFSR41 EtherFast®
Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch has anyone else got one of
these if so what's the verdict on them?


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