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I do still have access, when I need it, to my 56k internal
modem.    But my Road Runner Cable connection is via external


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  Are we talking about an internal or external modem?
Cable --> External Modem --> Router --> NIC (Computer) would
work. Not sure how you could do the same with an internal


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    you say your  getting confused!!!
    well now I am I thought you said it was like this?

    "Well gosh,

    Maybe my 2 home computers are set up wrong.   I have the
host computer, a Windows xp unit, receiving the cable
(Internet)  and then the router is off the cable and my other
computer, a Windows 2000 unit, is off the router.    Of course
I could connect 3 more computers to the router, if need be.

    I did not know that a router could be 1st in the chain.


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