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  • From: "Carl" <ctm007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 18:49:16 -0500

Opps.   I think I did.   But I ran the cleaner again today and it says no worm.


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  You did shut your backup/restore off when you removed blaster, correct?


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  Hi Barbara,

  Please don't use the phone, but can you print screen and send me the settings 
you have?

  I tried several different settings.   I set everything to default;  no work.  
I then went to custom settings and enable everything (activeX and Java);  it 
did not good.   I have very little hair left!


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    From: Barbara Schonfeld 
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    Hi Carl,
      I just went thru this with my sister. She had gotten a new emachine with 
xp and had the same problems. She couldnt access her bank and her avon 
accounts.etc...  What I did..was I compared my settings under tools`internet 
options.then thru there.. not sure what all i changed.. I went thru every 
screen with them. alot of there stuff was disabled for some reason..<I did this 
over the phone with her son> but when they got theirs set like mine...her 
accounts worked.  Barbara
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      Subject: [pcductape] Restricted sites on the Internet

      Hi Group,

      It seems I'm the only one coming to the trough for help.   I'm not 
ashamed;  I need help.

      My daughter is using an eMachine T1090 with Microsoft Windows xp
      preinstalled.   She is also using Outlook Express 6 and Internet Explorer 
6. She (me) has checked for Trojans, virus and worms and the computer is clean. 
However, she is unable to access restricted web sites like her bank and her 
marykayintouch.com sites.    She did have the blaster worm some weeks ago but 
it is no longer on the machine.   However, since the blaster worm she has been 
unable to access the restricted sites.   What are we to do?

      When one goes to a restricted site and entry is forbidden, Microsoft gives
      several hints on how to set the Internet Explorer 6 and I followed each 
and every one.  Still no success.

      Any suggestions?



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