[pcductape] Re: Receive and Send Faxes

  • From: "Steve" <sjclark@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 18:17:37 -0800

Hi Elaine
I send and revive several Fax's a day.
I also have a cable modem that is hooked to a network.
I use the cable to accesses the internet.
I can be on line and get a fax or send a fax.
I prefer lynksys routers, that are cable ready.
They are a very good firewall as well.
Moreno Valley, Ca

You can also send and receive fax's by email.
Efax I believe it is called.
The draw back is it that both computers must have the program on it.

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