[pcductape] Re: Question about Photo program.

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That was OE6 taking out non-text elements because I replied in text only
format but had pasted a small gif along with the text I had copied by
accident.  Sorry about that.

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| Sandi, hi
| Thanks for the resonse.
| It's that "sharing" part that has me concerned.
| I can already do all the other things that you mentioned; email, slide
| pix-formats, etc.
| There is no MDAC file currently found on my system. I did find an old text
| file in the "common" folder dated 1999 that seems to relate MDAC to SQL &
| FOXPRO data base pgms (mostly incomprehensible to me ).
| This Photo pgm looked interesting to me, and I do download lots of
| just to see what they can do, but I think I'll pass on this one.
| By the way, what is that 46-byte tp-1.gif attachment on your email ?.
| I can't tell what the image is in irfan-view.
| thanks again,                    Ray Spitz

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