[pcductape] Re: Question about Photo program.

  • From: "Ray Spitz" <rspitz8207@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 00:30:05 -0400


Thanks for your input.
As you said, it's probably OK. I still do not have that warm-fuzzy feeling
about it just yet. I can turn off the cable modem while using the pgm if
needs be; It's this "server" aspect that concerns me. When I'm not using the
program that server function is still sitting there. Could this not possibly
enable "whomever" to use my machine for "whatever" this pgm intends when I
am on-line. All of this is more indicative of my lack of understanding of
the situation than it is of the probability of an actual problem, I'm sure.
I can't say that I have a serious need for this program so I think I'll just
forget it for now. Boy, a 32MB freeware pgm sure is tempting isn't it. It
hit my "greed" zone but not my "comfort" zone :).

Thanks Vic; I really enjoy all your postings.

 best regards,                Ray Spitz

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| Ray,
| Hi there, I would have to say that in this case the MDAC is only for the
| data access components - you don't have to worry about it phoning out.
| If you want to be on the safe side, just disconnect while you are using
| the software and see if it tries to make a connection.
| As for the program itself, hard to tell the website was in German, but a
| quick look on the net did not turn up anything bad about the program
| Ray Spitz wrote:
| >Hi All,
| >
| >This is just a question as opposed to an actual problem. I downloaded a
| >32MB photo edit program ie: "Studio Line Photo Basic". The
| >requires me to download and install Microsoft MDAC v-2.8 (Microsoft Data
| >Access Components ie; MDAC). Microsoft describes this as a type of
| >pgm". None of my other photo programs require this file.
| >I have not installed any of this stuff yet. At this point I don't plan to
| >either.
| >I don't want a server facility on my computer. I am, however, curious
| >the intent of the photo-pgm supplier. Is this "malware"? Am I being
| >again ?

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