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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 20:50:29 -0700

Boy, well put Pam. :O)

You better duck now Don. :O)

Bob Noble
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| Hi Don,
| The specifics of this virus are both unimportant and unknown.
| Unimportant because the purpose of the alert was exactly as you stated, to
| remind folks to keep their virus protection up to date, which you obviously
| know how to do.  But everyone on this list is not as experienced as you.
| Some are very new to computers.  My message was intended as a helping tool
| for those who don't know or haven't yet learned these things.
| Unknown, because freelists was kind enough to strip off the attachment,
| thereby disabling the threat and the ability to track down the identity of
| the virus.  The headers of the sender were also altered, having gone through
| freelists' servers.  In addition, some viruses are capable of spoofing the
| sender's identity.  Not being able to identify the virus makes us not be
| able to know in this case.
| In the future, if something posted to the list does not apply to you please
| do not assume it was aimed at you since you are not the only person on this
| list.
| -Pam

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