[pcductape] Re: Protect yourselves

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 22:12:25 -0500

Hi Don,

The specifics of this virus are both unimportant and unknown.

Unimportant because the purpose of the alert was exactly as you stated, to
remind folks to keep their virus protection up to date, which you obviously
know how to do.  But everyone on this list is not as experienced as you.
Some are very new to computers.  My message was intended as a helping tool
for those who don't know or haven't yet learned these things.

Unknown, because freelists was kind enough to strip off the attachment,
thereby disabling the threat and the ability to track down the identity of
the virus.  The headers of the sender were also altered, having gone through
freelists' servers.  In addition, some viruses are capable of spoofing the
sender's identity.  Not being able to identify the virus makes us not be
able to know in this case.

In the future, if something posted to the list does not apply to you please
do not assume it was aimed at you since you are not the only person on this


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>I hate to see a "Cry Wolf" message like this posted to the group.
>This message really says nothing other than to keep your virus
>protection up to date, which should always be a high priority.
>You have not identified what virus it is, or where it is coming
>from.  If you know it is coming to the group, then you should
>also know who is sending it.
>In the meantime, I will continue as always to be vigilent about
>looking for a virus, but I will do nothing speicial as a result of
>this post.  My Juno email program, along with some common
>sense, pretty well isoalates me from any virus.  This not to
>say that my system is totally protected, but it has kept me
>virus fre in thepast.
>Can you provide any real information on the specifics of the
>Don Elias
>On Mon, 12 May 2003 11:28:55 -0500 "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Good morning everyone,
>> I just wanted to remind everyone that if you haven't updated your virus
>> protection software in the last day or 2 to be sure and do so.  Someone
>> the list has contracted a virus which is sending itself to others.  If
>> aren't running a good anti virus program already then I urge you to get
>> immediately.  The cost is well worth it! If you just cant afford to buy
>> right now there are some decent free AV apps out there but they don't
>> usually protect as well.
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