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Hi Carl,

Long time no see for you too! =)

Wow, thats a tough lesson, and the reason why I don't download any type of
"helper" utilities on this machine.  Since this machine is my "bread and
butter" I can't afford to lose it's content.  I keep telling myself I'm
going to get an old machine of mine out and get it up and running.  Its the
one I would experiment with new apps and settings to see how it behaved.
There was never anything on that box that I couldn't afford to lose if a
problem arose.


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>Hi Bob,
>Hi Pam,
>Or could it be we are just too embarrassed to ask.   I read something on
>another list that if I downloaded and install this small program, it would
>enhance my registry to prevent the attacks from Spyware;  so I did.   Boy
>and it works good;  too good.   I no longer could access my Internet bank
>accounts and other sites.   So I hack the registry and deleted the stuff
>that installed with this stupid program.   That was the end of that
>computer.   I was aware that if I had my Windows xp cd, I could just
>reinstall Windows xp and go on with life.   But I could not find my Windows
>xp disk.   I searched and searched and even invaded my daughter's house and
>searched there;   what a nightmare.   I called my son who lives many miles
>away and accused him of theft.   This past Sunday, my son comes to
>visit and
>he is in my "study"; my sweatshop;  my computer room and he  is
>looking at a
>stack of empty boxes of stuff I had purchased over the past few years;
>like cdwriter drives, software, etc.  He pulls out this Windows xp box and
>looks inside and there is my cd diskette.   I felt about 2" high.   darn.
>I still haven fixed the computer that I ruined.   I used the
>failure to find
>the Windows xp as an excuse to buy a new machine and I'm typing on it now.

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