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  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:21:48 -0400

Several things I can think of but the first to check would be in 
Services....make sure that Indexing is disabled.  Next, make sure that the Run 
sections of the registry aren't trying to load drivers or anything for EasyCD 
Creator.  I think of more later after my nap.  ;-)

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  Hi Guys,

  I am running Windows XP SP2 here on my home unit and the system is very slow 
loading a program;   not just one particular program but all programs.   After 
the program loads, the normal functions of the program are normal.     The type 
of programs vary from word processors to spreadsheets to database to email 
program to web browser.    They all load slow.

  History:   Shortly after I installed SP2, I began to get an error message 
that Easy CD Creator 6 
  required an updated driver for SP2.   I go to Roxio website and cannot 
download the driver;   I get a message to upgrade to CD Creator 7 for only 
$69.95, which I don't want to do.   I only wanted the driver.   I sent an email 
to Roxio support and they have never answer.  Does anyone know how I can 
download this driver?

  In the meantime, I uninstalled Easy CD Creator 6 and I no longer get the 
error message;   but they is when my Programs started to load very, very slow.  
 I'm talking 1-2 minutes for Quicken, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Outlook 
Express, Word, Excel, Explorer, and others;  no exception.

  Other actions taken;   daily updates to eTrust Anti-Virus Program, daily 
updates to SpywareBlocker; daily updates to Spybot & scan, daily updates to 
Ad-aware & scan.   System appears to be clear of virus, Trojans & other 
unwanted programs.   

  Any suggestions?


  Windows xp SP2 not comptable with Easy Cd Creator 6 


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