[pcductape] Re: Power Supply

  • From: BREZZ132@xxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:35:24 EDT

Hi Chuck & Bob - - -
The explanation that Chuck sent was excellent - - - now I want to use my new 
found knowledge to troubleshoot the power supply/PC on my son's PC that will 
not "turn on"
I removed the power supply and noted that there are two wires, (Light Green & 
Purple) that come from an adjacent location on the PS circuit board. The 
green has the nomenclature "PS-ON" stamped on the board; and the purple has 
stamped next to it.  The respective voltage readings (to ground) were 3.5vdc 
and 5vdc.  I guessed that the green wire might be some sort of control  - -  
and when I jumped it to ground, the PS fan started to run.
I re-attached the PS to the motherboard and located the two wires coming from 
the power switch - - - which went to a jumper on the Mobo.  I tried jumpering 
those two pins together but the fan on the PS never moved.
I wonder if I can re-attach the PS and rig a ground to that green wire - - - 
and would that action activate the power.  If so, I could place a 120vac 
switch on the incoming power and the PC might come alive again.
Any thoughts???

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