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Hi Matt, Chuck here
    What you?re probably looking at is the newer ATX power supply.
What you have is a P20 power plug (20 Wires) instead of the P8 and P9
(Six and six).
  The idea is that the CPU takes less and less power, so you now have
3 orange wires that supply 3 VDC to the MB.  The red are still 5V and
yellow are 12V.  The thing you need to be careful of is to connect the
PWR, (NOT for the green ?Power LED?) small 2-prong plug that goes to
the MB (This is called ?Soft Power?) along with the Reset, Speaker
etc.  As you now know, windows controls the MB when you go to ?Shut
Down?.  If you need to shut down the machine manually the MB controls
the ON/OFF function via the front panel switch, typically you push in
and hold the Front Panel Switch for 4 ? 7 seconds and the MB will turn
off the power; just a simple push on the same button will turn the
machine back on.  If the ?Soft Power Plug? is not plugged into the MB
the machine will not run; you can leave off the Reset or any of the
others but not the ?Soft Power?.
.  Bear in mind this does not kill the power to the MB completely,
sometimes you will be able to see an LED that is still brightly lit,
meaning, do not change out cards and especially not RAM.  If you need
to change out these items, turn off the switch on the back of the
power supply, or remove the power plug.  Sometimes you will have to
alternate turning on and off the switch on the power supply and
pressing the front panel switch until the MB resets.
   Let me know..

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Can anyone care to explain to me how the newer power supplys work?
I'm refering to the type that is computer controlled and doesn't
activate until the power switch is momentarily pressed - - - and is
shut down by exiting Windows.

I'm trying to check out a friends Pentium II PC and  all I can see
coming from the power supply is some non-standard wires (e.g not the
5/12volt wires) headed for the motherboard connection and two wires
coming off the power switch and connecting to motherboard jumpers.

Thanks for any help.   Jupiter Matt

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